What is the best ways to stay healthy?

What is the best ways to stay healthy?

1. Sleep at least seven hours. It does not count what time you sleep. 
 2. Thank god for another beautiful day. You do not need to stand before God to thank you. God is universal. 
3. Drink two spectacles or a mug of Luke warm water and run to the restroom. Make it a habit. 
4. I generally rain after using the restroom. The body is refreshed … …. The mind is fresh. 

5. Don't forget to take canvas bath once a week. Blarney the whole body with canvas ( canvas of your choice). Leave for at least fifteen twinkles. After that take bath with warm water. New life is given to the cells of your body. 
 Have some protein or banana shakes as they're nearly always available. Also concentrate on your work. Do whatever you like, walking, jogging, yoga, whatever. I like Surya Namaskar twenty times. 

 Have some for breakfast with a mug of gusto tea. Wash your face and apply sunscreen grounded on your position. 
 Go to work or work at home. After all, work is work. 

. Always wear smart clothes, indeed when you're at home. You feel active with smart dress. When I go out the clothes in my house are nearly the same. Also, social work. 
 Remember to drink liquid in any form, be it green tea, bomb tea, herbal tea or plain water. Keep your body doused. 

It's not about drinking a liter formerly, and also frequently running to the restroom. Drink only when you're thirsty. But don't forget to drink at least two liters. Inordinate alcohol consumption puts pressure on the feathers. 
 Try to have a balanced lunch. whatever you prefer. I principally have a seasonal fruit in the autumn. 
 Don't drink water incontinently after a mess. It's better to drink water thirty twinkles after having lunch or regale. 
 Noway forget to take a ten to fifteen nanosecond nap at home or office. 

. Drink tea with breakfast in the autumn. whatever you prefer. But try not to eat fruits in the evening. 
 All nuts have roughly the same number of nutrients. It's stylish to use original fruits, original vegetables and original nuts. 

. You do not need fantastic fruits or vegetables to maintain good health. Our former generation didn't eat fantastic nuts or fruits to live long. He ate only pure food. 
 I use incense sticks in the morning and evening to bring positive energy and positive energy in my home. 
 Eat regale beforehand, rather before 8 pm. 
 Before going to bed, do not forget to encounter your teeth, wash your face and apply a night cream of your choice. I use vitamin serum. keep changing. Always change cream, soap or liquid at the store. 

. Still, you can drink a glass of warm milk before sleeping, If you want. It suits me and helps me to sleep well. 
 For good sleep, it's better to keep your body covered while sleeping. 

. Do not forget to thank God for living another day. I chant Gayatri Mantra. You can make your own choice. 

24. Last but not least, remember to talk to your loved bones at least formerly a day. 

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