8 Tips to Incorporate a Healthy Lifestyle Into Your Daily Routine

8 Tips to Incorporate a Healthy Lifestyle Into Your Daily Routine

Incorporating healthy lifestyle habits into your daily routine can seem like an overwhelming task at first, but with small changes, you can easily make improvements to your life one step at a time. You don’t have to overhaul your life overnight in order to reap the benefits of a healthier diet and more active lifestyle—just pick up any of these eight tips, and put them into practice over the course of one week, then move on to the next tip the following week. Before you know it, healthy living will be part of your daily routine!

1) Workout More Often

Studies show that it takes 20 minutes of exercise five times per week to maintain a healthy weight. Exercise is good for your health, but all those hours in gym might not be worth it if you’re not working out enough. Exercising just once or twice per week could also increase your weight, especially if you’re adding muscle mass as well. Aim for at least 30 minutes of physical activity every day and try to incorporate strength training into your routine.

2) Eat Smaller, More Frequent Meals

People who eat three large meals and one or two small snacks in between fare better than those who eat two or three big meals per day. As for when you should eat, do what works best for your schedule, but keep in mind that research shows eating breakfast kick-starts metabolism and may prevent weight gain. If you don’t have time for a full breakfast, incorporate little things like fresh fruit or low-fat yogurt into your routine to give yourself energy throughout the day. A healthy lifestyle isn’t just about losing weight—it’s about feeling good!

When possible, buy locally grown food: There are several reasons why buying local is good for you (and great for farmers). First of all, it reduces environmental impact because produce is often shipped from other states or countries—which requires fuel and pollutes our air. Secondly, because food doesn’t need to travel as far, it stays fresher longer.

3) Take Small Steps Toward Change

Whether you want to lose weight, get more exercise, or quit smoking, approaching your goals slowly is more likely to result in success. Starting small allows you to test how your lifestyle adjustments fit into your day-to-day without overwhelming yourself. Once you’ve succeeded at making smaller changes for a few weeks, incorporate larger ones. It’s easier to make drastic changes all at once than it is to try and gradually work up to them over time. Take it slow and steady!

4) Get Rid of the Junk

You know you should be doing it, but sometimes it’s easier said than done. Getting rid of junk food in your home is one way to motivate yourself to make healthier choices. The less junk food you have around, the fewer opportunities you have to eat it—and who wants that? It can be tough breaking habits and changing routines, but trying out new ideas for healthy snacking at home can help keep those mid-afternoon sweet cravings in check. If you’re craving something salty, try baked chips or nuts instead of potato chips or pretzels. If you’re looking for something sweet, try fresh fruit over candy bars or cookies. And if all else fails, try some water!

5) Drink Water

Staying hydrated is an easy way to make sure your body has what it needs. Because of their high water content, fresh fruits and vegetables also contribute greatly to staying healthy by providing vitamins and minerals in abundance. If you’re looking for something more exciting than just plain old water, try adding some fruit slices or mint leaves for a delicious (and healthy) addition.

6) Keep Fresh Fruit Around at All Times

Fresh fruit is great because it’s full of nutrients, and it keeps you feeling full for longer. A serving of fruit will cost you anywhere from 100-150 calories, which makes sense since it contains about 50 grams of sugar. Keep apples, bananas, and oranges in your pantry at all times—they’re great for days when you need a mid-afternoon snack. When fresh fruit isn’t available, dried fruits can make a healthy substitute.

7) Do Yoga

Yoga is an ancient physical, mental, and spiritual practice. This moving meditation can be adapted by everyone regardless of age or ability level. There are many different styles of yoga that all offer benefits but it’s best to find a type that you like and can commit to doing on a regular basis (ideally). Research suggests yoga offers many health benefits such as improved flexibility, muscle strength, relaxation and stress relief.

8) Start with One Thing

There are countless different healthy lifestyle tips you can try, but sticking with one at a time is going to be your best bet. It’s important that you don’t overwhelm yourself by trying too many things at once—try starting with one thing, like keeping a water bottle on your desk or making sure you take your lunch into work every day. 

This way, you know that even if it doesn’t go well, you still have another change waiting in the wings. And if you do stick with it for a few weeks, then consider adding something else to your routine. You’ll find that changing little habits slowly makes them easier and easier to incorporate into your life over time.

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